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Comprehensive Psychiatric Evaluation

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Before you can begin to recover from mental health problems, you need to undergo a comprehensive psychiatric evaluation. William Scott, MD, and the team at Guiding Light Health Care Services, LLC in Warner Robins, Georgia, conduct expert evaluations that give them an insight into your thoughts and feelings and the way your mind works, ensuring you receive the most effective treatment. Call Guiding Light Health Care Services, LLC today for more information, or book an appointment online.

Comprehensive Psychiatric Evaluation Q & A

What is a comprehensive psychiatric evaluation?

A comprehensive psychiatric evaluation is a combination of tests and interviews that takes place at the start of a patient's mental health recovery process. At Guiding Light Health Care Services, LLC, the team can perform comprehensive psychiatric evaluations on children and adolescents as well as adults.                                                                                                                                                                                          Before the mental health team can create a suitable treatment program, they need to know as much about you or your child as possible. This is a vital aspect of diagnosis when it comes to mental health because the causes of psychiatric disorders are often a complex combination of factors.

The experiences you have in childhood can have a profound influence on your early development and subsequent mental health, for example, your:

  • Upbringing
  • School life
  • Parental relationships
  • Sibling relationships
  • Childhood friends

In many cases, adult psychological disorders can be traced back to childhood events and experiences.

Other factors can influence your mental health, too. For instance, you might have inherited genes that make you more likely to suffer from psychological or behavioral problems. Or you might have a medical condition that affects your mental health.

Some physical disorders, like hormone imbalances, affect your brain chemistry and cause psychological symptoms. Others, like chronic diseases and pain conditions, cause problems like depression because they’re so challenging to live with.

What’s involved in a comprehensive psychiatric evaluation?

A comprehensive psychiatric evaluation starts with a consultation lasting around 60-90 minutes. The Guiding Light Health Care Services, LLC team takes a detailed medical and family history during this meeting. 

They add this information to details from your medical records, which helps to determine which other types of tests you might need. Some of the other tests you could undergo include:

Psychological testing

There are numerous different types of psychological testing that you could complete, including the:

  • Beck depression inventory (BDI)
  • Hamilton anxiety scale (HAM-A)
  • Patient health questionnaire (PHQ-9)
  • Yale-Brown obsessive-compulsive scale
  • Schizophrenia test and early psychosis indicator (STEP)
  • Goldberg bipolar spectrum screening questionnaire

Blood workup

Blood tests might be necessary to look for any underlying medical conditions like diabetes or thyroid disease that could be causing your mental health problems or making them worse.

Diagnostic imaging studies

Sometimes, mental health and developmental or behavioral problems are due to neurological issues. If the Guiding Light Health Care Services, LLC team suspects there could be a problem with your brain, you might need to undergo an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) scan.

Suicide risk assessment

The Guiding Light Health Care Services, LLC team also offers suicide risk assessments for patients with suicidal behaviors or factors that increase their risk of developing suicidal thoughts, such as a past history of mental health, drug misuse, or certain stressful events.

What happens after a comprehensive psychiatric evaluation?

After you undergo your comprehensive psychiatric evaluation, the Guiding Light Health Care Services, LLC team prepares your treatment program. They work with you in creating your program, so you’re clear about the reasons for their treatment recommendations and the possible results.

With expert help from the Guiding Light Health Care Services, LLC team, you can get back on the path to hope, health, and healing. Call today to arrange a comprehensive psychiatric evaluation or book an appointment online.